Reg. No. 2037/02 - Volume 14







Prospects and Challenges of Cotton Production in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the second largest cotton importer as well as second largest RMG exporter of the world and there are several predictions about Bangladesh as it will be the next hot spot of RMG sourcing. So, the cotton growers should be encouraged to grow more cotton in Bangladesh.



Standardization of Planting Seed Nomenclature

The success of any variety developed locally or introduced from another country will depend on having the right planting seed system. The planting seed that is made available to growers must be pure and have good germination properties. While varietal purity and germination are the two fundamental criteria that determine seed quality, variation in the nomenclature used in various countries tends to create a lot of confusion regarding seed quality.








Realizing Organic Dreams

Organic cotton is grown without using pesticides and it's free of genetic modification. The development of organic agriculture in India has three aspects; looking at the reasons behind farmer's adaptation of the organic agriculture probably we get an overall aspect of how it the organic farming has shaped up in India.

Art of Cotton Yarn Dyeing

The practice of cotton yarn dyeing was a popular phenomenon started at very early days of civilization. During those days, cotton yarn dyeing was carried out in hand form manually in hank form. Dyeing was carried out in a wooden vat where cotton hanks were loaded on bamboo sticks which was rotated by two person inside the dye liquor.


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